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Hello All, Welcome.

New here...happily married just looking for people like myself.

OnSite Messenger Added.

Very lonely after recent awakening. No one I can relate to anymore in my life. Just wish I had like-minded friends, that's all.

I don't know how to leave this current karma with husband...

i love poetry and healing therapies

I lost my Dad

About Us

We are a service that offers empath and spiritual people the chance to connect with like minded people across our network. Our empath chat rooms are to be used to seek information and make friends online. Take advantage of our free tools such as profiles, forum, posting status and adding friends on the network. Chat rooms can be used by anyone that's looking for a guide or someone who wants to guide. Seek a new friend!

Making new friends in spiritual chat rooms can be fun and exciting, Meeting brand new new friends everyday and our aim is to get you connected with like minded people. So whether you are a shaman, empath or hold other powers you can use chat to connect with people all over the world that are spiritual.

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As a guest you will have limited access to the chat rooms, You will not be able to upload your avatar or use your cam. Registering gives you the chance to add friends on the network, Socialize fully such as leaving people an inbox, taking advantage of following friends, Using the forum and much more. Registration is free of charge and costs nothing at all. We really just want you to enjoy your stay and meet good like minded people like yourself right here. There are many spiritual people on earth, Our aim is to get you connected with those people in our community the easiest way possible.

Registration on our spiritual website is free of charge.