mama chey

mama chey

Last visit: 10 months ago
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Location: United States
Gender: Female Age: 27 Location: United States
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    growing up i was always drawn to people who were struggling i always wanted to fix or help in anyway i could , i didnt realize i was an empath until i hit my teen years and begun doing research and i found that i almost 100 percent empath the only thing i cant do is see spirts but i can feel them and sometimes they will change my thoughts and feelings so i can rely messages from them and help there loved ones move on , i can sense other emotions and people are also drawn to me and they often open up and talk to me and tell me things they dont tell other people a lot of the time people say what did you do to me i never talk about my feelings i dont talk about anything but with you i feel as if i can trust you and talk to you, i was a care taker for 9 years i was a volunteer because it was never about the money it was always about helping others, i love my gifts and i would love to learn more about it but it also comes with aniexty and depression and the doctors can only help with so much because its a gift not a sickness or disease. also i have 3 amazing children i have 2 boys and 1 girl the girl is my step daughter my husband daughter but i always say my daughter but my boys also are empath and i would love to know more so i can understand things better and be able to help my boys through this because it was really hard growing up and having this gift and not understanding I often stayed by myself because i was always to sensitive or over emotional and i got bullied a lot because of it and i dont want that life for my children i want them to be able to choose what they want to do and be able to understand what is happening with them
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    United States

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